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Some Ideas on Rover IDX You Need To Know

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Get This Report about IDX: Consumer Privacy, Identity Protection & Data Breach

For example you might lookup a user's profile based on their DID, their Ethereum account, or their Twitter manage; or you could lookup a user's Filecoin account based on their Polkadot account. We are working with The Chart on indexing these identity structures which will open up numerous new opportunities in this world.

If you also require a way of saving and managing user data, you have 3 primary choices. Use the IDX library to straight keep documents on the Ceramic Network and add referrals to those documents in the user's index. For this alternative, no additional software application is needed; it works out of the box with IDX.Store information in alternative information storage systems such as Filecoin, IPFS, Sia, Arweave, Textile, Orbit, DB, Secure Data Stores, or Ethereum agreements and use IDX to add recommendations to this information in your user's index.

Consumer Privacy, Identity Protection & Data Breach Response - IDXIDx- Photos - Facebook

This is real despite where the data lives (servers or decentralized networks) or which application initially produced the data. Full Article contains mappings to different information sources, Share information throughout applications and silos, As explained above, the key aspect of IDX that de-silos information, promotes interoperability, and allows user control is the identity index.

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